Every writing project I’ve ever worked on, at many points in its creation, has felt like a lost cause. Even those that finished strong felt to me like a fool’s errand. An attempt at elegant worthlessness. Origami with toilet paper.
My current project is no exception.
And each bit of structure you build in, each character complexity, each twist of form, only bolsters that sense of doubt. That feeling that you’re on the wrong side of the mountain, lost in the woods. And dusk is setting in.
If you work though these moments, days, weeks, if you keep trudging forward you pop out into a clearing. You find bursts of confidence that what you’re doing is indeed worthy of the time you’re investing. That it does indeed have purpose. Importance even.
When the writing is going well know that it will soon go poorly. And when the writing is going poorly, know that soon it will feel alive again.
This is no illness you’re experiencing. You are not broken.
You are producing creative work.
Carry on.