The Confessions of Adam | A Novel

I am pleased to announce my debut novel, tentatively titled, The Confessions of Adam (Bold Vision Books, 2019), a literary retelling of the narrative of Genesis 2-4.

Oren’s arrogance and position have afforded him many acquaintances and no friends. He inherited the renowned scribal school in Susa from his father – an emotionally distant scholar. 

Adam has sought Oren out. He believes that Oren has the skill to help him untangle the story from his memory. A skeptical Oren promises his pen, but not his silence.

At his home by the sea Adam tells Oren. He speaks once and for all of what happened, unpacking the great burden of guilt and regret that he carries. Oren comes to see all that he and Adam share – lost love, estranged sons, memories that must be confronted. And a Maker who knows no distance.

More here soon!

Image by WikiImages on Pixabay