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Dave grew up steeped in biblical narratives. His mom read to him. His dad was a pastor and student of theology and biblical languages. Dave often asked his dad to read aloud the scriptures in their original Hebrew and Greek. While Dave could not understand them, the music of these languages fascinated him.

In his Cascade Award finalist and debut novel, The Confessions of Adam (Bold Vision Books, 2019), a re-telling of the universal and dramatic narrative that opens the book of Genesis, he has crafted a richly imagined story of creation and its aftermath. 

Dave is also the author of A Conversation on Genesis 2-4: Study Guide (Bold Vision Books, 2020). His novel-in-progress is titled Waterborne: Chronicle of the Clan of Noah.

Dave holds a BS in Communications from Grace College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Butler University. Dave facilitates the Westside Writers Workshop and every other Wednesday he posts a column on the craft of fiction called “Revel and Rant” at www.davidjmarsh.com. Dave lives in Danville, Indiana with his wife, Cyndi.

Please join Dave on Instagram and Facebook @davidjmarshauthor, or on Twitter @marshjdavid. Email him at davidjmarsh@gmail.com.

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