“Write what you know.”
This is a very old bit of advice for fiction writers. The idea is that your life is far more interesting than you realize. You needn’t look toward the exotic or far-fetched to find material. You are an expert at many things. Your experience has gained you an edge. So, simply write what you know.
If this works for you, ride the wave. Quit reading this blog post here and get back to work.
Go on. We’ll wait while you leave.
OK, now that they’re gone…
If you find this advice leaves you flat, maybe even bored, try this bit instead.
“Write what you want to read.”
You were a reader before you were a writer. You have likely started writing because you want to create more literature like the writing you enjoy. Your reading has probably given you ideas. Ideas you want to explore. So, do it! Write the sort of book that you’d want to read.
Isn’t that refreshing? This approach will keep you engaged in your project, fuel your writing routine, and will take the focus off of you – putting it back on the work…which is always where your focus should be.