Why do I type my long form fiction in an 11 font? The 11 font has become part of the Feng Shui of my work, a well-worn path I take to my process. I was born on the 11th and so was my dad. Could that influence why I like the look of the 11 font on the page? It doesn’t seem like it.

I am not a superstitious guy. When the pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, I would likely talk to him. But now anything other than an 11 font feels uncomfortable to me, like a pebble in my shoe or like jamming my fingers into a cardboard keyboard.

I feel a physical relief when I hit Control A, selecting the whole document, and then right-click and select Arial from the drop down, and 11 from the drop down right next to it.

I exhale, hit Save, and the words on the page are mine.