Here is an excerpt from my prayer book, 25th of November:

“You delight in creative work. You laid a foundation of creativity and You exercise Your creative genius daily at the intersections of the lives of men. So, why would You not partner with me in writing my book on Adam? It is obvious You would and do. Having You as my writing partner I can relax. I can trust that You understand fully not only the goal of my work, but that You have already imagined it, seen the final draft, and know the impact it will have. All I need to do is write.”

All I can do is write. No writer gets anywhere any other way. Beyond doing the work, writers trust the process of discovery. Some also trust the oversight, and occasional guidance of the muse. This is true of me too, except for the placement of my trust. I trust the creative process of writing, but the Author of that process – the creator of creativity is not an occasional visitor, not a ghost. He has the seat at the head of the table. He is the source. It is only by His creative energy that I re-create. In creating man He wired us to follow Him in this. He made us with the capacity and desire to paint, sculpt, and write. And He delights in guiding us in these as well.